Our Solution

Stratisfi combines a next-generation network, advanced GPS ┬átracking technology, and cloud based mapping software to provide the the industry’s most effective physical-object tracking solution.


Stratisfi provides practical, economic, turnkey solutions to enable customers to know where their people and assets are in real time.

Straisfi's tracking tag
Strasisfi’s proprietary tracking tag, ready to use out of the box. Flexible cable or stub antennae options.

Unlike cellular-based solutions that require external power or huge batteries and telco service fees, our tiny GPS tracking tags can operate for months or even years on AA cells – and there are no SIM cards or telco contracts.

Poor cellular coverage is no problem either. Our cooperative network enables customers to create their own network extensions wherever they need coverage, while seamlessly sharing coverage of other customer networks. And like WiFi, there are no spectrum licenses required.

Our cooperative network technology provides powerful advantages: customers have complete control over providing their own coverage while benefiting from additional coverage from all other customers, without any interference, frequency-planning, security or capacity issues. All this is seamless, no additional effort is required on the customers’ part.

Stratisfi GPS tracking tag PCB
Smarts Inside: State-of-the-art wireless technology enables minuature size, ultra-long battery life, long range and reliable operation in noisy or obstructed radio environments.

Setup is simple. Plug in one or more basestations (depending on coverage) to the power supply, load your tag’s batteries and track locations in real time via the web or phone. That’s it.

And the range is amazing, our tags will transmit their location to a basestation typically 2-20km away, depending on terrain and siting, using omnidirectional transmission and reception (so there is no need to aim antennae).

Tags can be tracked live on any internet browser, and while simple to use our interface provides great features like customisable geofence area alerts and movement alarms (for meant-to-be stationary objects).

Track assets in real-time via Stratisfi’s online tracking server via phone or web browser. Users can create Geofence alerts to alert when moving in/out of an area.

Our system is simple to deploy, no setup or configuration is required – just provide power and your basestation is ready to go. But of course each application has its own specifics. We have specialists available to help you work out your requirements and choose the best system configuration, locations for your network and tags to get optimal performance, and we have trial packages available.

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