About Stratisfi

Next-generation asset tracking

Stratisfi delivers industrial locating and tracking solutions leveraging state of the art Internet of Things technologies.

Our innovative turnkey solution lowers the total cost of obtaining the real-time location of remote, mobile assets.

How? Using state-of-the-art long-range, low-power wireless technology our customers deploy their own inexpensive wireless basestations, our small, proprietary tracking tags and our ready-to-go cloud-based tracking GUI customers can literally be up and tracking live in minutes.

Our customers enjoy the benefits of being in control of their own network and freedom from per-tag telco fees and networks, and no fiddling around with SIM cards. The amazing radio range of our GPS-based tags (2-20kms), battery life (months to years) and size-of-your-thumb form factor provide an incredibly versatile asset and tracking personnel for all sorts of tracking applications from bikes, boats and pot-plants to construction tools and equipment (even unpowered equipment), trailers, portable toilets, emergency and disaster-relief workers, farm equipment and livestock.

Our networks can be deployed anywhere. And customers benefit from our cooperative network architecture, seamlessly sharing coverage with other customers and roaming onto our core network without any performance, security or interference issues.

Stratisfi uses the latest technology, absolute ease of use and expert technical assistance to provide your application with a practical, cost-effective, flexible, fit-for-purpose real-time tracking solution.

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion about how you can benefit from state of the art internet of things technologies. Every application is different and there are a lot of solutions out there and we understand you want to get it right. So do we. We can help you make the right decision for your business, and be sure to talk to us about our trial packages.